Rm – Mv : Victory Aftermath Extension

Author : DreamX
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

This is a tweak to Yanfly Victory aftermath plugin.



Rm Mv – plugin : manage your folders


Author : Agustin
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

Description : allow you to create folders and subfolders! Organizing your pictures become easier.

Features :

  • Multiple folders to put your enemies, facesets, character sets, sideview battlers, and even Yanfly’s Animated Sideview Enemies in!
  • Customizable notetags so you don’t have to memorize them! (WHOA that’s actually pretty original… :))
  • ChangeActorGraphic and ChangeActorBattler plugin commands.
  • (Coming Soon) Multiple sound folders and support for parallaxes and pictures
  • (Coming Soon) Also support for further notetag customization.
  • (Coming Soon) Customizable plugin commands and more plugin commands.
  • (Coming Soon) Custom folders without using prefixes (but notetags instead)

Seeking help help for french contest.


Sorry to bother you guys but our french community contest is looking for help to make the last rewards of the following games :

Trap : LIEN

Silencs : LIEN

La Princesse Oubliée : LIEN

The Guardians : LIEN

You can contribute by making a simple drawing or photomontage or anything as long it’s related to the game.

I will be the mediator between you and the french community so don’t worry, so you can link me here the award you made and I will pass it the contest director.