Rm Mv – Tutorial : How to create a togglable bridge


Rm Mv – Tutorial : Basic tips for beginners

This video is usefull for people who doesn’t really play rpgs and still want for any odd reason to make one on rpg maker Mv. It explains a lot of basics stuffs that Rpg should’ve.

Rm Mv – Tutorial : use picture for light

I personaly don’t use that command event for static picture like in the tutorial but I think it’s nice for beginners to learn how to use it and for what. But when there is light there should be shadow too and that tutorial do forgot to put them.

Author : Echo607


Rm Mv – Tutorial : how to add new animations ?

This is a quick tutorial for the animations of the author : hadecynn’s animations

Q : “How would I end up getting this animation into my game? I’m pretty bad at this, so if you could tell me step by step that would be nice.”

1. Create new project, name it animaton test (so you will always use that project just for the animations)
2. Download the animation pack (first post) then put it in your animation folder
3. Download the .json (first post) then put it in your data folder (yes, accept to replace)
4. Open the project, the default animations should’ve been all replaced by the new ones.
5. Copy-paste the animation from the database of the new project in your poject (any slot)
6. copy-paste the picture file of the animation (in the database of your new project, look at picture it use then copy paste it in your project file).

How to update with a new animation ?

1. Download the .json in first post every time a new animation is released and replace it in the new project you made above.
2. Download the new released animation and put it in the new project of above.
3. Repeat step 4 to step 6.