Rm Mv – Plugin : 1 actor menu


Author : alanzdr
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

– for survivor or horror games.
– files and item separation
– 128×128 image view


Rm Mv – Plugin : tweaked plugins


Original author : Yanfly
Plugin changed by : Corniflex

Original version : yanfly.moe
Changed/tweaked version : rpgmakerweb.com

Description : classes are now represented in form of “tree”. Please read the deatail in the ling above.


Original author : Yoji Ojima
Plugin changed by : King Gerar

Original version : no link
Changed/tweaked version : rpgmakerweb.com

Description : added map location and playtime

Rm Mv – plugins : Moogle_X plugins

For active coders who don’t have a website or a main topic on a forum. I will try as much as I can to compile their plugins into one post here on my blog.

Author : Moogle_X
Profile : rpgmakerweb.com

Language : english

List of plugins


Equipment Learning

  • Use AP gained in battle to learn new skills.
  • Customize how much AP gain for each enemy.
  • Adjust different AP requirements for each skill.
  • Use “AP Boost” trait to increase AP gain amount.
  • View ability list in Item Scene, Equip Scene, and Shop Scene (required Yanfly’s Shop Menu Core).
  • View AP earned in battle using Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath.
  • Restrict ability learning based of actors or classes.
  • Bind skills’ visibility in Window Ability List with an in-game switch.
  • Add custom effect whenever AP is gained.
  • Give each actor different AP requirement for the same skill.

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