#RpgMakerMv – Generator add on (part 6)


Author: R-F
Language: japanese
Link: http://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=543

Description: complete make over of the females base facesets.

Author: コミュ将
Language: japanese
Link: http://tm.lucky-duet.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1712

Description: will change the eyes of the charaset and battlers.


Rm Mv – tool : Generator Importer


Author : Duce
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

how to use:

  • Select Import folder
  • Click ‘Scan for Parts’
  • Look at the found parts on the ‘Scan Results’ tab make sure all looks right.
  • Select RMMV Generator folder if it’s not already filled in(currently it will autofill it if it’s in the same folder you ran it in)
  • Click ‘Get Part Totals’ the totals will be listed and folder write status will be checked
  • Choose Move or Copy
  • Click ‘Perform Import’

Rm MV – Tool : Extended Generator


Author : Schlangan
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

The editor behaves as the current MV editor, with the following additions:

  • The software will help you import all your current assets from your RPG Maker MV folder (in a few clicks for everything)
  • Importing new assets will be made easy with specific dialog boxes
  • Possibility to add more “categories” and “parts”, for example Accessories 3, something different than Male/Female
  • Possibility of setting the priority of elements over others (by default the current MV generator priorities will be set)
  • All gradients will be usable for any item, and you’ll be able to add new, whether by importation or by generation

Rm – Mv : generator add-on (part 4)

Compiling 4 add-ons made by the same author : TheMarbleFox


Link : rpgmakerweb.com

Description :

  • x32 New Facial Markings (Unisex) …..Wait……  32!
  • x01 New Eyes (Unisex) (No Eyes for Shadow Effect)
  • x01 New Eyebrows (Unisex) (No Eyebrows for Shadow Effect)


Link : rpgmakerweb.com

Description :

  • x7 New Eyes (x4 Male , x3 Female)
  • x3 New Eyebrows (Unisex)
  • x1 New Noses (Unisex)
  • x4 New Mouths (Unisex)
  • x2 New Ears (Unisex)
  • x1 New Glasses (Unisex)
  • x1 New Head (Female)

Tutorial : how to add new generator part