Rm Mv – plugin : manage your folders


Author : Agustin
Language : english
Link : rpgmakerweb.com

Description : allow you to create folders and subfolders! Organizing your pictures become easier.

Features :

  • Multiple folders to put your enemies, facesets, character sets, sideview battlers, and even Yanfly’s Animated Sideview Enemies in!
  • Customizable notetags so you don’t have to memorize them! (WHOA that’s actually pretty original… :))
  • ChangeActorGraphic and ChangeActorBattler plugin commands.
  • (Coming Soon) Multiple sound folders and support for parallaxes and pictures
  • (Coming Soon) Also support for further notetag customization.
  • (Coming Soon) Customizable plugin commands and more plugin commands.
  • (Coming Soon) Custom folders without using prefixes (but notetags instead)