Preview (JP) : Rpg maker Mv update and new characters

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Additional infos

  • new generator parts
  • improuved UI for mobile
  • 3 new plugins


Rpg maker MV update ver Ver.1.1.0 (Google translate)

A) New functions

  • It can now be displayed at one time more than one frame on the frame view.
  • Option added to allow the help of plug-ins other than the plug-in management
  • Add the level retention option of the time of job change
  • Add an icon set view to display window and plug-in parameters of the sentence
  • Additional events, database, a confirmation dialog when you end with cancel the Plug-in Manager
  • Add a material management
  • Home at the time of the editing of the event page, the corresponding End button
  • Add the unused material removal tool

B) Tweaks/fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the animation of the previous frame transfer
  • Fixed a bug that change of the distant view is not reflected in the Canvas mode
  • By the resolution changing the game, fixes a bug that face graphic display position of the menu is shifted
  • When the damage calculation formula is to use the blank of skills, fixes a bug that an error occurs
  • By the refresh rate of the monitor, fix a bug that game of the operating speed fluctuates
  • If you cancel the editing of the moving route, fixes a bug that edits would have been saved
  • If you close the dialog without applying the change of plug-in management, fixes a bug that the changes would be reflected
  • In the image-related settings, add the “multiplication” and “screen” for the synthesis method
  • During the battle, Fixed a bug that abnormal state if it fails to escape to disappear
  • If the batch input in the command of the Display of the sentence] is on, fixes a bug that scroll bar is not displayed
  • Adjusting the position of the ID displayed in the image selection window icons in the database, etc.
  • When that failed to save the time of game play, modified to automatically restore
  • During auto-battle, fixes a bug that does not use the heel in addition to Player 1
  • When the command memory is ON, Fixed a bug that the cursor position at the time of the skill type selection is not stored
  • When you place a cliff tile next to the step tile, fix a bug that become unnatural connected by auto tile
  • During the side-view battle, fix a bug that defense animation does not play properly
  • If you change the type, such as equipment, fix a bug that type ID of json file are not reflected (Actor.json, etc.)

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Rpg maker Mv Japan, released a new set of characters for their cross-promotion : DOWNLOAD

Some past release seems not available anymore and some are paid like the samourais.

  • Road-to-Dragon
  • Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono. Gakuen of time



  • Cthulhu mythology TRPG (Ninja Slayer From Animated Chillon)
  • Baka to Test
  • Darkness of Crown Prince


  • Danganronpa (battler)


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