Rm Mv – Plugin : Steal & Snatch

Author : Yanfly
Language : english
Link : http://yanfly.moe/2016/02/05/yep-66-steal-snatch/

Description :

Stealing is a commonly used mechanic found in many traditional RPG’s. This plugin enables you to replicate that mechanic and add more depth upon it.

Enemies can have multiple items to steal in addition to their default drops. When an actor goes to steal from an enemy, the actor has a percent change for the steal attempt to be successful. If successful, the actor grabs a random item from the stealable items pool and the party gains the said item.

In addition to stealing, there is a new mechanic called ‘Snatch’. While stealing allows your actors to grab random items from the enemy, snatching lets your actors target the item they want to steal and focus only on that item alone.

Another feature for this plugin is that stealing a piece of equipment can now ‘debuff’ the enemy. If an actor steals a sword that gives 10 ATK, the enemy will lose 10 ATK. This feature can be turned off. Also new (and optional) is the ability to steal the enemy’s drop items. Enemies won’t always necessarily drop their items after being defeated, but stealing from them directly will allow your players to secure those items. Once an item is stolen, it will not drop again at the end of battle.