Rm Mv – plugins : Moogle_X plugins

For active coders who don’t have a website or a main topic on a forum. I will try as much as I can to compile their plugins into one post here on my blog.

Author : Moogle_X
Profile : rpgmakerweb.com

Language : english

List of plugins


Equipment Learning

  • Use AP gained in battle to learn new skills.
  • Customize how much AP gain for each enemy.
  • Adjust different AP requirements for each skill.
  • Use “AP Boost” trait to increase AP gain amount.
  • View ability list in Item Scene, Equip Scene, and Shop Scene (required Yanfly’s Shop Menu Core).
  • View AP earned in battle using Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath.
  • Restrict ability learning based of actors or classes.
  • Bind skills’ visibility in Window Ability List with an in-game switch.
  • Add custom effect whenever AP is gained.
  • Give each actor different AP requirement for the same skill.


Equip Skill System

  • Customize actor’s maximum Skill Slots and Equip Limit using notetags.
  • Equip skills using custom scene or plugin command.
  • Increase actor’s Skill Slots and Equip Limit using multiple methods (traits, equipment, item effect, plugin command).
  • Make each skill has different Equip Cost.
  • Make exception on some skills. Those skills doesn’t need to be equip first before they can be used.
  • Hide equip skill menu for certain actor/class.
  • Now, this plugin supports multiple “Slot Types”.
  • Prevent some skills to be equipped when certain skill is already equipped.
  • Now, this plugin supports “Party Based Skill Pool”.


– Traits Extension Bundle
This plugin expands the traits option in your database by adding entirely new kinds of traits that you can use to increase the amount of customization in your project. All of these new traits are very flexible. They can be attached easily to Actors, Classes, Weapons, Armors, States, and/or Enemies with simple notetags usage. Most of these new traits are inspired from other games that I played.


Actors Friendship System

  • Use plugin command to increase/decrease actor’s friendship value.
  • Items and skills used by the Main Actor can increase/decrease other actor’s friendship value.
  • View actor’s friendship value in custom scene.
  • Learn new skills by increasing friendship level.
  • Easily change in-game variables using plugin command.
  • Run any common event at specific Friendship Level.


– Passive Skill

  • Create skills that grant the actor unique properties.
  • Passive skills can be hidden from battle window if you so choose.
  • Can increase actor’s main parameters both by percentage or static amount.